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What Is The Importance Of Financial Leasing?

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If your company requires equipment or machinery, leasing is an option that allows you to strengthen your operation without decapitalizing yourself. Know the advantages of this financing.

Leasing is a contract by which the parties reciprocally agree to grant the use or enjoyment of equipment or machinery for a specified period and to pay rent for such use. In other words, it is the rent of assets: the lessor is obliged to deliver the asset established in the contract, and the lessee to pay rent for it.

Leasing as a financial service

Leasing is a type of financial service and performs a function similar to loans or credits: it allows the use of an asset without paying in full in one installment. It is a means through which companies obtain the machinery and equipment necessary to produce, even if they do not have the liquidity to purchase them.

Advantages for SMEs

The leasing or leasing of machinery and equipment is an especially good financing option for small and medium-sized companies that want to maximize their operation, increase their profitability, incorporate new technologies, launch new products on the market or meet project delivery dates. In this article, Global Leasing Alliance experts explain more about the benefits of pure leasing.

The benefits of financial leasing

Taxes: each payment made to the renter is tax-deductible; therefore, machinery leasing is not only a financing strategy but also a fiscal strategy.

Financial: you do not have a large capital outflow and, therefore, you do not lose liquidity; this allows you to be prepared for new business opportunities.

Innovation: you can always have state-of-the-art equipment; this translates into greater competitiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

Ideal for certain industries

Leasing is feasible for companies that use equipment that requires constant updating or is very expensive, for example:

The metalworking industry: industrial and manufacturing equipment.

The health industry: medical equipment.

The construction industry: tractors, trailers, and cargo trucks.

At Global Leasing Alliance, we offer you leasing schemes for new, used, and sale & leaseback equipment.

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